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    Friday fun!

    Just another Friday in Beijing!  Today was full of action. I’m trying to be a little healthier these days as I noticed I haven’t been eating enough fruit.  So to start things off this morning, [...]
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    I’m back (again)

    It’s been absolutely ages since I was regularly updating my website and videos etc.  I have made a decision today that I will continue with my mission to share as much as I can with [...]
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    Driving again!

    在中国看视频点这   My friends also know how much I like eating cookies and they brought out a plate full of cookies 🙂 I have some great friends!
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    Home sweet home

    在中国看视频点这 Day 2: The sky was so blue in the first few days while I was back home – it almost looked fake!!  What do you think? Not in the driving seat today…  Tomorrow I [...]
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    A day of travelling

    After nearly 3 years, I FINALLY managed to go back home to Nottingham, UK to spend some time with my family and friends.  Everyone was beginning to think I’d never go back to visit, but this [...]